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Going to the mall or shopping center will not be the same, as we start coming out of lock-down. The terms "Social Distancing" and "Crowding Control" is now an essential part of our new vocabulary. Crowd flow has to be monitored and government regulations apply to keep the visitors safe and prevent the second wave.
Eventrys presents the Mall Counter — easy to operate, a cost-effective digital tool that helps monitor and prevents crowding.
Instant access to real-time statistics enables your security personnel to monitor, navigate, and adjust safety measures to prevent crowding.
The capacity of each shopping center entrance can be monitored and controlled to provide your visitors with a safe and enjoyable shopping experience, with no need to install any additional apps on their mobile devices.
Statistical analysis data allows Administration, HR, and Security teams better long-term strategical planning, and overall resources optimization.
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Mall Counter —
the control panel of your visitors safety.
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